In AMBER MEDICAL SPA you will find a way to reverse visible age effects with our:

Body Shaping and Facial Rejuvenation treatments

Our team of specialized doctors will help you have the best option to get the body of your dreams

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Team of Professionals

Dra. Patricia González

Dr. Patria Gonzalez

Internal Doctor certified by the American Board Of Internal Medicine, specialized on Body and Facial Rejuvenation.

Dr. Carlos Maldonado

Dr Carlos Maldonado

Doctor and Sex Therapist. Currently certified member of the American Academy Of Clinical Sexologists and The American Board of Sexology.

Facial Rejuvenation

As long as we get older, we have many skin changes. It gets less elastic, it falls and sinks. Fortunately, there exist some options to avoid this…

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Body Shaping

Reaffirm your body, shape your arms, abdomen, back and legs with the many different treatments we have for you! Here, you will find the best non-surgical alternatives to shape your body under a Specialized Doctor supervision.

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Product Line

You will get to see the top cosmetic brands, and our exclusive Dermocosmetics and Nutritional line made for you to take care of your complexion and body with the ideal products.



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Cuidado diario

Daily Care

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In Amber Medical Spa you will live the experience of a lifetime, relaxing after a hard work week or simply treating yourself with any of our treatments: relaxing, reducing and post-surgical massages, eye brows and eye lashes..

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Amber Medical Spa
28 June 2018
FOR HER: - Pleasure point shot- Clitorix Enhancement- G Spot Amplification- Vaginal rejuvenation- Lightening of intimate areaFOR HIM: - Penis strengthening protocol:Waveshock therapyPriapus touchFOR BOTH: - Exfoliation of intimate...

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