Body Shaping


It is an innovative excess body fat removal and skin reaffirmation process. It consists on the usage of fiber lasers introduced in the body by a cannula making fats melt, skin lump and toning up the body. Laser Liposuction affirms the skin and removes flaccidity, giving it a young firmness. It involves a short recovery time being likely to get back to work and normal activities in a day or two.


The advanced radio frequency system added to the effect of ultrasound waves, reaffirm your body and shape your stomach, arms, back and legs. The VShape treatment activates the circulation, reducing cellulitis effectively.

Monalisa Touch

With this treatment, the mucous tissue becomes nourished, hydrated, tonic (vaginal rejuvenation) and less lax. Also, the right Vaginal Ph reestablishes, stimulating the natural protective barrier maintenance and reducing infection risks.A simple, non painful, few minute treatment without collateral damage on the recovery period, gets back the proper mucous elasticity of fertile age with positive consequences for a quality life and relationships.


The HIDRO term means water, LIPO for fats and CLASIA for fat cells break. It is a non surgical treatment for those patients that want to reduce body contour sizes and localized fats. It starts by putting sterile Physiological Solution in adiposity’s areas and then ultra sounding, making fat cells explode and break in the tissue cavitation.

Russian Threads

The non invasive lifting with Russian Threads is a new facial and body rejuvenation method. The thread makes a stress over the flaccid skin, achieving a “lifting effect”. It gives a young and healthy face appearance, keeping the natural traits and characteristics. The few invasive Russian Threads apply, allow you to obtain immediate results, creating a perfect face and body contour.


LPG or Endermologie is a technique that is used to eliminate the adhered fat in the body (abdomen, thighs, buttocks) and all the most rebellious adipose tissues, especially the soft and hard cellulite. It is carried out by means of an apparatus of heads with mechanical rollers that run through the areas to be treated. There are areas that, in spite of performing diets and constant and daily exercise, do not lose volume, or simply accumulations of fat remain undissolved.